🎨 Enhance your brand with unique logos!

This is it! I [Mo. Abdul Hakeem], a passionate logo designer with 2 years of experience dedicated to creating visual identities that leave a lasting impression, I have had the privilege of working with diverse clients across industries.

🖌️ Design Philosophy: I believe a logo is more than just a graphic; It reflects the essence of your brand. My designs are clean, timeless, and instantly recognizable.

🌟 Why choose me?

Customized design
Powerful brand

Budget: BDT 50 - BDT 100
Tags: Graphic Desinger, Logo desinger

To enhance my working
capacities, professional skills,
business efficiencies and serve
my organization in best
possible way with sheer
corporate world and work
enthusiastically in team to
achieve goal of the organization
and hard work.
Lead Generation
MS Word
MS Excel
MS Power Point