Transaction & Disbursement Policy

Detailed Explanation of Shocchol.com Transaction Flow (the way payments work)

Buyers can pay for the service using credit/debit cards, e-wallets, or mobile financial services: bkash, nagad, or rocket. Shocchol.com doesn’t charge any processing fee from the buyers. Once a buyer makes a payment, money goes into Shocchol.com’s payment processor financial account, and the system creates a transaction. Buyer and seller are given access to a private transaction page where they can communicate details of the order.

Once a seller delivers the files, and marks the transaction as “delivered”, the buyer is given 72 hours to either accept the delivery, request modification or even request mutual cancellation of the order (if a buyer fails to respond in the given time period (72 hours), the system would auto-complete the transaction). 

Once a buyer accepts the order (marks it as “accepted”), the transaction goes into the clearing period, which is 7 days. The clearing period is a security measure to protect Shocchol.com from chargebacks. As soon as the clearing period is over, the money is deposited into the seller’s account in a form of a credit balance. The seller is then able to request withdrawal of those funds based on the accepted withdrawal options. 

Refund Policy

If for any reason, the order is canceled upon mutual agreement between the buyer and seller, or if the admin’s arbitration goes in the favor of the buyer, the buyer will get a full refund (if buyer processing fee not applicable) in the form of credit balance which can be used to purchase any job/gig in future. Buyers can request a cash refund to the same medium he/she made payment from if and only if the amount is more than BDT 5000. In such cases, a 3% payment gateway fee will be deducted from the total amount.

Disbursement Policy

Shocchol.com charges a 5% commission for each order from the sellers’ earnings. The sellers can withdraw their earnings after the clearing period is over and money is deposited as a credit balance. The minimum amount for withdrawal is BDT 200. In case of withdrawal via MFS (Bkash, Rocket, or Nagad), a 5 TK charge is applicable for each withdrawal request. For withdrawal through bank transfer, a 50 TK charge is applicable for transferring via EFT/EFTN method, and a flexible charge is applicable for other bank transfer methods.

Withdrawal gateway information (Bank account details, or mobile number for MFS) is not changeable once submitted. Users are requested to submit this information carefully.

*Shocchol.com reserves the right to change the aforementioned policies at any time.