About Shocchol

Bangladesh is the 2nd largest supplier of the total global freelancers. Freelancing as a career is gaining more popularity in our country every day. The industry includes freelancers of all age, all backgrounds, and all levels.

Shocchol is the ideal platform to use this huge number of freelance workers that we have inside the country.

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Keep more for yourself

Shocchol will require the lowest commission fee for sellers. So, you get to keep more of your hard-earned money. For buyers, you need not pay any commissions. So, every penny you spend is used for your sole purpose only.

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Get started as it’s easier

Have you ever felt that you have the skills to be a good freelancer, but you do not have the means to get paid?

Shocchol allows you to pay and get paid through popular local money transaction facilities. You can get started as you are.


Shoocchol promises secure transactions for everyone. A payment will be complete only when both sellers and buyers are happy with the results.

Future Goals

In addition, to facilitating freelancing careers in the country, we aim to grow the community to a larger number and make it stronger.

Learning Content

We would like to make learning content for freelancing completely free and accessible to all tech-enthusiasts

in the country. Easy to understand videos in Bangla will be provided to introduce freelancing to them gradually.

Going Global

Our freelancers are qualified to be among the best there is in the world. Once we have are able to grow and meet our domestic demand, we would gain exposure to the global market as a strong community.

Contact us

Shocchol is our attempt at growing our domestic market of freelancers.

Interested in investing? Drop a message here and we will get back to you.