Shocchol.com Launches as the Biggest Freelance Marketplace of Bangladesh

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Shocchol.com has been launched as the Biggest and Most Advanced Freelance Marketplace of Bangladesh. This is the platform many freelancers and buyers have been waiting for.

Freelancing career is booming in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi Freelancers earn around 9 thousand crores annually and the number is growing every year. Students are getting into freelancing as it is the easiest way to earn their daily expenses. Freelancing offers such career potential that people are quitting their 9-5 jobs and start earning from home.

Bangladeshi freelancers have achieved good reputation on international freelancing marketplaces. But there are some downsides and obstacles they often face. They have to pay 20% of their income as commission to the marketplaces. They also pay 2-5% of their income to their international payment receiving services like Payoneer, Paypal, Transferwise, etc. So, they are losing 22-25% of their income there. That’s huge!

On the other side, buyers also have to pay 5-7% more on their net expenses as processing fee or service charge and 15% VAT for using credit/debit cards issued by any Bangladeshi bank. It discourages them from buying services through these marketplaces and they tend to buy them from outside the marketplaces. But this kind of transaction is risky and they often get scammed, losing a good amount of money.

As a sustainable solution to these problems, Shocchol.com has been founded by Md. Sabbir Hossain, a digital marketer. It is a Bangladeshi marketplace where you can buy/sell any kind of freelancing services. Shocchol.com is offering free use of the platform for the buyers. That means buyers do not have to pay any kind of processing or platform fee. And sellers have to pay only a 5% commission for using the platform. Both parties can use MFS like Bkash, Rocket, or Nagad to pay or withdraw their earnings.

It is a great opportunity for the Bangladeshi freelancers as competition is less here and they can keep 95% of their income. That’s Huge again!

Shocchol.com also plans to create free freelancing courses to encourage students to come to this sector as they have huge potential to be successful as freelancers.

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January 23, 2021